August 2017


I'm pleased to announce that the next book in the A Galaxy Unknown series in now available. The eleventh book, Changing of the Guard, resumes the storyline from Book 10 (Azula Carver).

Although intending to resign her commission after the Galactic Alliance Senate unanimously confirmed her promotion as Admiral of the Fleet to replace the retiring Admiral Richard Moore, Jenetta acquiesced to Admiral Holt's request that she merely take a leave of absence while she considered her future.

Her leave allowed Jenetta the time to enjoy some of life's pleasures missing in her life until then, but she discovered she couldn't escape the demands of her Royal position any more than she could escape the demands of her former military life, and she has returned to Space Command. Having accepted the position of Admiral of the Fleet, Jenetta prepares herself for an extended stay in a boring dirt-side command position, but when an old enemy again threatens the peace and stability of the G.A., Jenetta finds her new role to be far more demanding than she ever expected.

The new book is currently available in Mobi (for Kindle), PDF, and ePub formats through my website, It is also currently available as an ePub book from Kobo stores and their Rakuten affiliates worldwide, Apple iTunes stores, Barnes & Noble, Bookworld, and innumerous eBook resellers worldwide with whom I've established distribution rights. It is not available at any Amazon store, as I'm continuing my ongoing boycott of Amazon while they require the exclusive rights to sell books enrolled in bookselling programs on their website.

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