December 2016


The third book in the Sydnee Marcola series (AGU:Border Patrol) has now been published. This time I waited to release an announcement newsletter until after the book became available through all my major distribution outlets (B&N, Kobo, and Apple) and, of course, my own website. I apologize to all those fans who expected the book to be released in the third quarter but life's little problems kept cropping up and I was unable to meet the self-imposed deadlines.

I've learned my lesson, and for next year I'm only scheduling the release of three books instead of four. With luck, I can deliver them on a more timely basis. The first book up will be Changing of the Guard, Book 11 of the AGU series with Admiral of the Fleet Jenetta Carver. I expect that novel to be available by June 30th, 2017. That will be followed by Book 2 of the AGU: SC Intelligence series (no title yet). And last up will be the fourth book in the AGU: Border Patrol series. Yes, Sydnee is once again heading into Clidepp space. Ideas have been percolating in my head of late and I want to start writing the book right away, but I have to prioritize my time, so I'm going to be spending it with Jenetta and the gang in Region Two for a few months.

For those fans who want the new book in print form, I'm working on that and expect to have it ready to go within a couple of weeks. It will be available on B&N, Books-a-Million and other bookstores around the world. I haven't yet decided whether I'll release it to Amazon or not. Their wholly-owned print company, CreateSpace, refused to print my Vengeance Is Personal book because I wanted the cover to show my author name as Tom DePrima. They said that if it didn't show me as Thomas DePrima, they wouldn't print it. I use Tom DePrima to distinguish my thriller novels from my Sci-fi books, and I use T.J. DePrima to indicate the book is a Paranormal/Occult book. In the past I've had complaints from fans who purchased a paranormal book thinking it was a Sci-Fi book, so I do everything I can to make them appear different. I knew that Amazon wouldn't print my When the Spirit Calls book because it has T.J. DePrima on the cover, so I didn't even try. Fortunately, Amazon isn't the only book printer in the U.S., just as they aren't the only eBook seller in the U.S.

About the New Book

Offered an opportunity to command a new covert mission into Clidepp space that will resolve an outstanding issue created during her last mission, Lieutenant(jg) Sydnee Marcola accepts, then makes preparations to captain the CPS-14 Justice once again.

During the mission briefing the following day, she learns that the parameters of the assignment have expanded tremendously since her acceptance. Instead of the voyage being a simple delivery, the Justice might be required to remain in Clidepp space for as long as two years. The crew size for the newly revised mission has been expanded from the original nine Space Command officers and enlisted, plus the previous Marine Special Ops team and Marine fire teams from the Denver, to twenty-four Space Command officers and enlisted, the same Marine Special Ops team, a platoon of Marines from the Denver, and a full Wing of Marine fighter jocks and support personnel. The mission had just gone from a penetration/delivery/exit operation to a major clandestine incursion into the space of an unfriendly neighboring nation currently embroiled in a deadly civil war.

The eBook formats available on my website include: Mobi (Kindle), PDF, and ePub. The eBook formats available from other websites are, as always, limited to ePub only. Naturally, there is a print version of the book for customers who prefer that form.

Indiana James

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