July 2016


Most readers have seen the listing for 'When the Spirit Moves You' on my website's 'Novels' page even if they haven't read the book. That story was written way back in 2001, and self-published 2007 when I was still trying to get started as an author. I was so broke back then I couldn't afford to hire an editor so I published it as written, warts and all. I had begun writing a sequel before publishing the first book, but when I became discouraged with my inability to attract any attention from publishers I stopped work with just a third of the new book written. In 2010 I began to develop a following and fans of 'When the Spirit Moves You' began to ask me to publish the sequel. I promised to do that but my sci-fi books had been 'discovered' and I spent all my time trying to satisfy the demands from that much larger audience. I never forgot my promise; I just sort of delayed it a little as I relearned the delights of eating things other than Ramen noodles three times a day. 

The first book in the series was finally edited and republished in March of this year after a major rewrite to enhance the drama and charm a bit. A mobi formatted version for the Kindle was uploaded to Amazon so everyone who had purchased the eBook version prior to the rewrite could download the newer version at no charge. It uses the same Amazon ASIN designation. You can immediately identify which version you have because the cover image has changed. The first book has also been available on Barnes & Noble since March 2016 in ePub format, and is available on my website in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats. I hope to get an ePub version uploaded to Kobo and Apple soon.

I was so busy working on the sequel that I never sent out a newsletter announcement, so I'm very pleased to announce now that the sequel, When the Spirit Calls, is currently being published. It will be available through my website by July 31st in Mobi (Kindle) and ePub formats. I expect to have the ePub versions uploaded to Apple and Kobo by Aug. 8th. And I'm hoping to upload it to B&N in ePub format very soon, but their publisher interface on their website has been down since the morning of July 28th. I've notified them, and they've said they're investigating why I can't access the Nook store, but I suspect the problem is far more widespread than just my access attempts. Whatever the reason, I can't upload the book until they get their problems resolved and then it will probably take a couple of days after uploading the book before it's available. And for anyone interested in a PDF version, I expect to have that available through my website website by Aug. 8th.


About the two Books

When the Spirit Moves You

Arlene Watson and her girlfriends intended to spend most of their summer vacation at the beach among friends, and naturally boys, before returning to high school for their senior year. But on one particularly hot and lazy afternoon in late June, Arlene consents to perform tarot readings for her closest friends. Her minor talent for 'fortune-telling' had seemed to mature dramatically since receiving an unusual hand-painted tarot deck as a gift from her sister. Since then, whenever she gathered socially with friends, someone would beg for a reading.

Repeated attempts at finding answers in the cards on this occasion only produced more questions. In frustration, Arlene gives up. Hoping that contact with a real spirit from the 'great beyond' might help clarify ambiguous responses from the cards, she convinces the others to join her in an experimental sťance at a deserted mansion where a ghost is reputed to roam the grounds each evening.

Waiting until security patrols end for the day, the four young women sneak onto the estate and manage to enter the house. Their efforts at contact appear to fail, but as they prepare to leave, the spirit arrives and shows them how foolhardy they were to tamper with metaphysical forces beyond their ken.


When the Spirit Calls

Arlene's paranormal powers have matured as she progressed through her late teens. Now in college, she has fully accepted her special abilities to interact with those who have passed on. When her dreams turn to repeated nightmares that appear to show her violent death, she and her best friends begin a new journey into the unknown. All will grow with the experience, but Arlene's journey takes her far beyond where even she could have anticipated.


Witch on a Broomstick

I seem to have been a little too optimistic in 2015 when I established my 2016 production schedule. I'm currently a full month behind. Of the four books I announced for this year, I've basically completed two. As noted above, Book 1 has been published and Book 2 is being published this week. I've also made good progress writing Clidepp Deja Vu, but I believe it won't be published before September 30th, the last day of the third quarter. I'm doing my best to stay as close to that date as possible, but it may slip a bit. But the book is definitely coming along. Although I've written some of AGU Book 11, I haven't established a title yet. Hopefully I'll have settled on a title by the time I publish Clidepp Deja Vu. Perhaps a title like Better Late Than Never would be appropriate. What do you think? 

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