June 2014

      My May 2014 newsletter announced that I would soon be releasing a new book. Although the book was complete, and could have been released back then, I held up publication so that readers would have time to adjust to the fact that the new book is not a Space Opera.

The book is now set for distribution by Kobo and Apple on June 1st, and indeed some folks have pre-ordered it for automatic delivery. The biggest on-line bookstores, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, don't make it quite so easy for small publishers, but I've done everything I could to ensure the book will also be available through those eTailers on June 1st. Amazon doesn't issue an ASIN until the book is actually published, so I can't yet tell you what that number will be.

Although I'm stepping a little outside the genre for which I'm known, I believe that most fans of my sci-fi books will enjoy the new novel. It's true that it takes place on present day Earth, and the bad guys use ordinary firearms instead of weapons that fire lattice rounds or energy beams, but I've worked to include excitement like that found in the AGU series. One early reader commented that the book starts off a bit too slow as I build the back story and characterizations, but if you stick with it, I promise you lots of action. And those readers who have complained in the past that Jenetta Carver leads a monastic existence will appreciate that the protagonist in this book enjoys a healthy sex life. But the book is definitely not erotica. The relationships are explicit, but the sex isn't.

As always, reviews are greatly appreciated. That's especially true for this book since many readers may not realize that Tom DePrima and Thomas DePrima are one and the same.

I hope you enjoy reading the new book as much as I've enjoyed writing it.


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