May 2014



I'm happy to announce that I will shortly be publishing a new book. The book description for A World Without Secrets has been on the 'Novels' page of my website for years and I'm sure many readers have noticed it. I'm announcing the release early because the book is a departure from my usual Space Opera fare. I know some fans of the AGU series and its two spin-off series will be disappointed that I've spent time working on something other than the books they're most anxious to read, so I'm hoping this early announcement will have successfully tempered disappointment when the new book is available. I've always worked on multiple books concurrently and I continue to employ that work methodology whenever I sit down at my computer to write. Although not every work hour is currently being spent on the Clidepp Requital, the next book to be released from the AGU:BP series, I do work on it each day.

I began writing A World Without Secrets back in 2002 when I was still trying to find my niche as a novelist. I loved the plot outline I'd prepared, but I could never get the manuscript to reflect the protagonist's personality nor the story's promise of excitement and pathos. So I kept writing and then discarding chapters until I grew weary of the effort and returned just the first few chapters to my computer's hard drive. Each year I would call up the manuscript and attempt to advance the story, then return it to its repository, unfinished. I really wanted to complete the story, but in my mind the narrative never achieved the potential I saw in the outline.

In late 2009, or perhaps early 2010, I had an epiphany of sorts and believed I finally understood why I'd been unable to produce a superlative book from the magnificent story idea. I began to work on it anew, completely rewriting the existing chapters and making good progress on additional ones. But when my AGU series captured the imagination of Space Opera fans, virtually all of my writing time was redirected towards Jenetta and the SC teams. I don't regret that, but I've had the AWWS book listed on my website for a very long time, and I was dismayed by the unrealized promise of what I believed was a great story. Perhaps it was because I'd been thinking about the plot for twelve years, but when I restarted work on it a few months ago, I was able to complete it in record time.

In preparing this book for publication, I've found it difficult to categorize the book's genre. I see it as sort of a Twilight Zone style sci-fi plot with a Magnum P.I. style protagonist, which would make it a Sci-fi Crime Fiction novel. But no book reseller offers such a category at this time, so I'm going with TechnoThriller. I've always believed that a good thriller should start off fairly slow as it sets the stage and introduces the characters, crescendo action throughout the work, then finish with booming timpani and fireworks. Of course, an ending that makes the reader reflect on the story and characters is mandatory. I've tried to accomplish that with this book. Some people prefer to immediately read the final page when they buy a new book, but I implore you NOT do that with this story, as it might really spoil the ending for you.

In rereading what I've written above, it seems like I'm saying I've just written the 'Great American Novel.' That was certainly not my intent or my belief. All I'm saying is that I've written a book which I really enjoy rereading and which I'm now proud to share with others. Colton James is just an average person— okay, perhaps slightly above average— who discovers his true calling after finding a bit of technology that shouldn't exist. To date, I've only shared the new book with a few individuals, and I've been pleased with their evaluations, but the real test will come when the book is widely available. I anticipate that readers who purchase the book expecting to find cover-to-cover action, as in the AGU series, will be disappointed and probably leave negative reviews stating that they couldn't get past the third or fourth chapter, but those who persevere until the action begins will not be disappointed because it comes fast and furious once it starts.

I realize that AWWS will not appeal to some Space Opera fans, but I hope most readers will give it a chance as I step outside the genre for which I've become known as an author. As I've said, fans who only want action, and little to no story substance, will be disappointed— but fans who want a real story, with an exciting ending, should enjoy this new book. As with my paranormal books, I've used a variation of my given name on the cover to help potential customers discern the genre difference between the new book and my Space Opera books. I'm hoping that someone won't buy it expecting to find a Space Opera and then leave an unkind review because they found an earthbound crime drama story.

The new book has been completed and all formats should be available in all markets by June 1st. For those readers who were disappointed that my last book, clearly advertised as a novella, turned out to really be a novella, I assure you that the new book is a full novel at 344 printed pages. However, I feel confident you'll still want more when you reach the end.

Will there be more Colton James' novels in the future? That will depend on the reception AWWS receives. I already have a possible plot in my head for a sequel. Time will tell if a sufficient readership exists to justify the production of additional titles.

The new book will be available for pre-order from Kobo and Apple iTunes stores worldwide in the next few days, with delivery on June 1st. Neither Barnes & Noble nor Amazon offer an acceptable pre-order arrangement to small publishers, so I won't be able to upload the book to them until June 1st.

Indiana James

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