September 2012


While I would have preferred to publish the first book of this new series after all the pre-publication work was complete, I didn't want to again disappoint fans of my books with a further delay. I'm delighted to announce that the book is now complete and can be downloaded to replace the version with the temporary cover.

If you purchased the book from Amazon, simply delete the book from your device. ie Kindle, Fire, PC, iPad, or other mobile unit. This only removes it from your device, it does not remove it from your archive. Next, sign in to Amazon and go to 'Manage My Kindle.' After the list of books is populated, you should see Citizen X with a link that states <update available for this book>, or some such wording. Click on that link and the version you've had in your archive will be overwritten with the new version. Lastly, send the book to your device.

In addition to the replaced cover, I've corrected a number of typos that were found in the published version by readers and the proofers at my copyediting service.

You now have a good excuse to re-read the book. I hope you enjoy it as much on the next read.

Many thanks to the readers who left reviews. I do appreciate them.


That's me on the right, wth Sydnee. I've been feeling a little run-down lately.

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