January 2012 Newsletter


     After releasing Return to Dakistee, I was reminded by a fan of the series that I had named the Nordakian language back in 1999 when I wrote the first book in the series. To cover up my error, I've gone in and corrected the text everywhere I had failed to reference the name properly. There were at least half a dozen locations. The languages are now referred to as Dakis and Ancient Dakis.

     I also performed another full proofread of the book and found several places where quote marks were missing or misaligned, and corrected them. Finally, another fan spotted a place where I had written denoted instead of detonated.

     I humbly beg your forgiveness, and have published a revised manuscript to Amazon. You can call customer service and have them replace the version in your book archive if you wish. It would be nice if they did that automatically, but as far as I know you must still request  the update. Naturally, there's no charge. 

     The newly revised version is: 

Kindle version - 12.A.h

     This version identifier appears on the copyright message page at the beginning of the book.

     I hope that everyone had a great holiday season and wish you all the best.

     Lastly, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere:




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