December 2011 Newsletter

     The same archeological team who uncovered a secret underground bunker on Dakistee sixteen years earlier, when the planet was still named Mawcett, has discovered a new facility. They struggle for months to open the entrance, but the structure defies all their efforts. Finally admitting defeat, they send a message to Admiral Jenetta Carver, beseeching her to come help once again.

     In Region Two, Admiral Jenetta Carver is besieged with mundane work. Although she would love to drop everything and head for Dakistee, she can't possibly get away. But she also can't ignore the possibilities of what treasures, or dangers, the facility might represent. Fortunately, the battleship Hephaestus is in port, and the ship's third watch commander is available for a special assignment.

     Christa is far from thrilled with the prospect of giving up her seat on the bridge, even temporarily, but when an admiral says go, you go. It doesn't matter that the admiral is your sister. Christa expects to make a quick trip, with a speedy return to the Hephaestus, but as with Jenetta, assignments often tend to take unexpected side trips into unique and dangerous situations.


     The team at Vinnia Publishing has been working around the clock to prepare Book 8, Return to Dakistee for publication and I'm happy to announce that it's been uploaded to Amazon and should be available sometime during the next two days.

     This book is the first I've created for this series since 2005, and was written in response to numerous requests for new adventures for the Carver women. As many of you know, the first seven books were written between 1999 and 2005. I halted production when I was unable to interest any of the traditional sci-fi publishers in my work.

     There's an old axiom that says 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' But a few fans have expressed some displeasure with some of the books and I wanted to see if I could make the series a more enjoyable experience for all by addressing them.

     The main complaint seems to be that the plots were a little too 'simple.' I can understand why it seems that way, because I tried to explain everything as the story progressed, often repeating information already presented. When speaking to an audience, the speaker is supposed to tell them what he's going to say, then deliver the message, then remind them what he said. I may have been behaving too much like a speech writer, and not enough like a drama writer. With this new book, I've limited exposition, and will allow readers to 'solve' the plot as they proceed. You may feel that you are being kept in the dark at times, and you are to a degree, but I've presented everything you need to enjoy the story, if you aren't trying to rush through it too quickly. Having said, I want you to know that there are a few surprise twists at the end that I defy anyone to say they saw coming. You'll enjoy the story much more if you don't read the ending first.

     If you like this style more than the other, please tell me. And if you enjoyed the other style more, I'd love to hear your comments on that as well.

     Most importantly, everyone should remember that this book is a Space Opera. Too many reviewers on Amazon are still complaining that the books are unrealistic. I don't know how to make it any clearer that Space Opera is not intended to portray a microcosm of the future. J

     I sent out a newsletter on Thanksgiving, but several people have reported that they never received it. I sent it out again a few days later, but I'm still hearing from people that didn't receive it. I changed my email handler over the summer because the software company discontinued support, so that might be at the root of the problem. In order to bypass my new email software completely, I've purchased a separate software suite just for the announcement process. I've copied over all the email addresses from the former system and we should be good to go. If you signed up for the mailing list and don't receive this notice, please tell me. I'll be posting a notice on my author forum on Amazon, so you should get the word that an announcement has been sent out.

     I hope you enjoy the new book, and I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

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