February 19, 2019  - This past year I tried to upgrade the forum software to a newer version, but I was unable to get the new version working. So I tried to reinstall the older version. Unfortunately, the older version would not work either. After playing with it for two days, I had to stop because too many other jobs were demanding my attention. I WILL fix it when I find the time. Right now I'm trying to get the next Sydnee Marcola book written and published. The book, as originally plotted, didn't measure up to my personal standards when written, so I scrapped everything except the first chapter and began again. The new book is more than half written and I continue to work on it every day. I hope to release it by May 1st, 2019 but I can't promise any date until the first draft has been completed. Thank you for your patience.

April 16, 2016  - Selz, my media distributor, has informed me that they've fixed the problem that was causing my computer to lock up every time they sent me an email notice to inform me that one of my books had been sold. I've restored all the sales links to the book details pages, so books can once again be purchased on this website. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

April 11, 2016  - Problems with the Selz.com computer interface have forced me to temporarily suspend sales of eBooks through this website. There is nothing wrong with the ebooks that have been purchased. The interruption is owed to changes Selz made to their system that causes my computer system to lock up every time I receive an email notice from Selz that a book has been purchased by a customer. All prior books, new eBook versions, and print versions will continue to be available through Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and other online stores and local bookstores as before. I'll restore online sales through DePrima.com as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

April 2, 2016  - When the Spirit Moves You has been rewritten and edited and is now available for distribution. It is available in Mobi format on this website and will soon be available in ePub and PDF formats as well.

The print edition should be available through Amazon in a couple of weeks. The eBook version is currently available there. Amazon's ASIN hasn't changed, so anyone who purchased it on Amazon previously, can have the new version downloaded at no cost. You may have to ask them to 'push' the replacement version, unless they've finally changed their original system of always giving you just the version you originally purchased until you complain.

An ePub version has been uploaded to B&N Nook and is already available for purchase on their website. Next week, the ePub versions should be available at Apple and Kobo as well.

March 15, 2016  - In 2001, when I was still trying to graduate into the ranks of authors who actually received money for the innumerous days, nights, and weekends they spent writing, I completed a book titled, When the Spirit Moves You. The story is a paranormal tale filled with spirits (ghosts) and paradoxes, and revolves around romantic entanglements (no erotica). It's the opposite of my space opera books where battle action and life or death struggles are the key themes. I hadn't been able to interest a publisher in my space opera books so I was trying a different approach. Unfortunately, I had no more success with the new book than I'd had with the A Galaxy Unknown series.

In 2010, when I entered the wonderful world of self-publishing, my space opera books finally found an audience after having been rejected by every traditional sci-fi publisher and agent in North America who accepted open submissions (that's where the author makes the initial contact). As I began publishing my space opera stories with booksellers who accepted self-published works, I also published When the Spirit Moves You. While my space opera sales went through the roof and into the stratosphere, my one paranormal book languished in virtual obscurity, selling just a handful of copies each week. Over the years as I had worked at writing, my skills had improved and I wanted to perform a rewrite on the paranormal book, but since the sales of my books were keeping the lights on and the refrigerator stocked, I had to concentrate on what was selling. Fans of When the Spirit Moves You kept asking when the sequel (When the Spirit Calls) was going to be released, but I kept putting them off by telling them I wanted to rewrite the first book before releasing the sequel.

Well, I've finally rewritten that early book and had it edited. I'll be releasing it in the coming weeks to all major booksellers and will send an announcement out in a newsletter when it's available. Fans who have purchased it from Amazon (the only place where it was available in eBook form), will be able to get a free download to replace the copy they had purchased since it will be released using the same ASIN (Amazon's stock number) as the original version. The new version has a new cover so it's easy to distinguish it from the original. I've also been working on the sequel (which I had ceased work on in 2007 when the first book failed to gain acceptance with publishers and agents) and will be releasing that in the coming months. To the dedicated fans of this short series, I apologize that it's taken so long to get this rewrite completed. I hope everyone enjoys it, and thank you for your patience.

February 20, 2016  - I've just completed the first step in the changeover for our media distribution by Selz. All of the mobi (kindle) files have been set up in the new store so we again have a procedure in place for sending purchased eBooks directly to a buyer's Kindle. The really great part is that the interface with Selz is far less confusing than the one buyers had to use with our former media distributor. I had tried to convince the Gumroad CEO to improve the programming interface to make it easier to understand, but he announced unequivocally that he had no intention of changing anything, so I felt it was imperative I find a new distributor.

By early next week I will have the ePub and PDF files changed over to Selz as well. I gave priority to the mobi files because many buyers want to have their books sent directly to their Kindles and Gumroad had ceased offering that simple service. During the changeover all books remain available for purchase.

In addition to the easier Kindle upload procedure, the new store includes a shopping cart. So anyone who wishes to purchase more than one book during their visit will only have to go through the payment process once, after they complete their selections. A substantial programming effort was required to set up the new store, so even though I spent many hours testing and retesting the routines I wrote, small errors are possible, such as a misdirection to the wrong page on my website. NO errors with the financial aspects of a purchase are expected since my efforts never impacted that function. Please let me know if you have any problems with the new store.

February 19, 2016  - I've completed arrangements with a new media distributor to collect payments and distribute my books. The new firm, Selz, will send the book directly to your Amazon Kindle account when a mobi (kindle) formatted book is purchased, and the procedure is far less complicated than the confusing procedure required by Gumroad. I'm working on making the changes to this website and the new procedure is already available for some books. All credit card transactions are secure, and Selz also accepts Paypal for payments.

February 16, 2016  - It appears that our current media distributor, Gumroad, is once again accepting Paypal payments.

February 12, 2016  - I changed the projected publishing dates on the Novels page to reflect more accurate data then was offered when using Spring, Summer, and Fall. We folks up top sometimes forget that our cousins down under are enjoying opposite seasons throughout the year. :-)

February 5, 2016  - My media distributor, Gumroad, has again disappointed us. This time they discontinued the forwarding of purchased books in mobi format to Kindle accounts. They never notified us that they were contemplating such a change. At present they will only send the purchaser a download link. Buyers must then download the book to their computer and then send it to their Kindle account on their own. I apologize for any inconvenience. I'm working on finding an alternative media distributor who will forward the books to a Kindle account, and who will accept Paypal for payments.

January 30, 2016  - My media distributor, Gumroad, has once again suspended Paypal acceptance. They never inform their customers when they make changes to their system so I was unaware until a reader informed me today. I did check two days ago and verified PayPal was being accepted at that time. I've begun a search for a better organized company to distribute my books. I apologize for the inconvenience.

January 12, 2016  - My media distributor, Gumroad, has apparently resolved their Paypal issue with their payments provider and once again accepts Paypal payments.

January 5, 2016  - I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.

My media distributer, Gumroad, has temporarily suspended acceptance of Paypal as a payment form owing to an issue with a payments provider. They are working to restore the option as quickly as possible. Until that happens, the payments options list associated with each book will not show Paypal as an available option. I apologize for the inconvenience.

November 12, 2015  - I've been so busy preparing Vengeance Is Personal for publication, and resolving the Kindle Cloud problem with my media distributor that I never realized I hadn't reported back about finding the bug in the Azula Carver book that caused an Em character to reproduce as a square, space, set of brackets, question mark, or other unusual character on the pages of my book. I've identified the problem as being created while translating the book to the mobi format. For some reason the mobi file wasn't acknowledging that the character set should be the UTF-8 code rather than standard ANSI code. The newer UTF-8 character set is fully forward compatible with the ANSI code, but also allows for a greater range of special characters. UTF-8 has been the recommended standard for all email programs for some time. I realize that some folks may not understand that explanation, but anyone experienced in IT work should. I've created a new version that will display the Em character as intended, so anyone who has a version where the Em appears as an unidentified character, or where I substituted two hyphens as an emergency measure when I first became aware there was a problem, can now get the corrected version. Send me the old version, or a copy of your receipt from Gumroad, and I'll send you the replacement version immediately.

October 30, 2015  - During the past month there were some difficulties with eBook orders where the purchaser wished to have the eBook uploaded directly to their Kindle account, but it never arrived. As soon as I was made aware of a problem, I worked to resolve it by resending eBooks, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. We've identified the problem in the process and feel confident it is now working as it should. I want to apologize to those fans who were inconvenienced. Anyone wishing to have their book uploaded to Amazon now will find that the process has changed. I've created a page with multiple screen shots showing each simple step of the process so as to eliminate all confusion. It's accessible from every book order page on the website.

October 4, 2015  - Two Steps Forward And Three Steps Back - Two days ago, a customer contacted me about a problem with the new Azula Carver book. It seems that while it looked great on his older kindle, there was a problem with the display on his newer eReader, a Kindle Fire. He was seeing a lot of square boxes mixed in with the text. He sent me an image and I began investigating. I discovered that the square boxes were a substitute by the eReader for a character the device didn't recognize. I asked the customer to try different fonts and he reported that the symbol varied with the fonts he tried. Sometimes it was an empty square box, and sometimes it was a box with an 'X' inside. Meanwhile, I performed some tests of my own. Microsoft Word and PDF documents looked perfect. HTML documents, when opened with Internet Explorer, and Mobi versions when opened on older Kindles, looked great. And most ePub eReaders handled the character correctly, although one eReader substituted a question mark (?) for the character.

By now I'm sure some of you are wondering what the character is that the eReaders won't recognize. It's an Em. Not the letters, the printer's symbol (—). In dialog, wherever there's a momentary pause, I use an Em. It looks like two dashes, or hyphens, linked together to make a very long hyphen. Many authors use an ellipsis, but that's not technically correct. An ellipsis (...), by dictionary definition is supposed to indicate the suppression or omission of words, such as an unfinished sentence at the end of paragraph where a speaker was interrupted or chose not to continue with what they were saying. At one time, Microsoft Word automatically substituted an Em if the writer entered two hyphens in a row. I took that to mean that an Em should be used to indicate a pause. But since Word 2007 was released that has no longer been a default, but I've continued to use it in my books by using the 'Correct As You Type' option in Word. An Em is not an esoteric symbol so I don't understand why Amazon has chosen not to include it as a regular symbol in their newer character sets.

My dilemma is what to do about it. To make the customer happy with his purchase, I made a special Mobi file that uses two hyphens (--) in place of the single Em. They look like the two hyphens they are because there's a gap between them, but I didn't know what else to do. I uploaded a modified version of both the Mobi file and the ePub file to Gumroad. So if anyone purchased the file after October 3rd, you'll see hyphens where the Em used to be. If anyone would like to get a copy of the modified file for any of my books, simply send your present copy to me at business@deprima.com and I shall send you the a modified copy for that book. I will do that for any mobi or ePub versions. As I said, most ePub Readers show the symbol correctly. I haven't yet decided if I should replace the older Mobi or ePub versions on the various sites that sell my books since this was the first time anyone had mentioned the problem. I guess I'll wait and see what the general reaction is.

September 28, 2015  - Azula Carver, Book 10 of the AGU series, has been uploaded to B&N and Kobo. It is available for pre-order at both stores and affiliates world-wide such as Borders AU and Whitcoulls NZ. The pre-ordered books will be shipped on October 1st, and then be available immediately when ordered. The book is also available on this website in Mobi, ePub, and PDF formats.

Apple changed their proprietary software in Feb. 2015 and this was the first time since then that I've tried to upload anything. Due to the significantly more stringent hardware requirements made by Apple to their special software for uploading books, I discovered I was unable to upload the new book to the Apple stores. At this point I hope to resolve that problem soon, but it will NOT be available from Apple on October 1st.

September 7, 2015  - The September 2015 newsletter has been sent to everyone who has subscribed to the free mailing. As usual, a small number were returned because the email account had been closed, and about five were returned because the recipient hasn't added 'admin@deprima.com' to their acceptable email list. When an email is returned, the recipient address is automatically removed from the list and won't receive future mailings. The big news is that Book 10 of the AGU series (Azula Carver) is available for pre-order for distribution on October 1, 2015. You can read the most recent newsletter here.

May 24, 2015  - All books on the Nook (B&N) site have now been updated with the CSS correction so that the font adjustment should work on all books. This completes B&N, Amazon, and the books purchased through my website. Just Kobo, Apple, and a few smaller ebook sellers to go!

May 10, 2015  - A new problem has been reported to me. It seems that in the second book of the AGU series (only on the Amazon site), a second chapter 15 was written over chapter 16. So there was no chapter 16 at all-- just two chapter 15's. I don't know when the error occurred, but it's now been corrected and everyone who purchased Valor at Vauzlee can request that Amazon 'force' a download of the revised book. I've been told you must have a customer rep 'force' it because if you simply delete the version on your Kindle or registered device and download it again from your cloud storage, you will receive the copy you originally purchased.

May 10, 2015  - I've corrected all of the ePub CSS files so that the font adjustment should now work if you're using either a Nook or Sony reader. So far I've modified all of the files available through my site and delivered by Gumroad. To date I've only been able to change the first four books on B&N. For several weeks I've been trying to get them to assist with a problem in their upload software. As soon as they resolve that issue, I'll upload the rest of the manuscripts. When you view the sample on the B&N website, it still shows the old version, but they assure me that buyers get the new version. Along with the changes to the CSS file, I had to make changes to reflect the fact that the US Government has finally made registration of my trademarks final. The TM has been changed to an ® symbol everywhere applicable. The version code on the copyright page of all books is now set at '15.c.1'. If your version is other than 15.c.1, you don't have the latest version. But, for most readers, not having this latest version isn't important. The TM change only had to be made to update the legal status. It doesn't change the story at all. In the coming weeks I shall upload all books to the Kobo and Apple sites. When the process is complete, I'll report it here.

March 12, 2015  - It's been confirmed by multiple sources that changing the font default size in the CSS info from '12 point' to 'medium' allows the Nook reader software and the Sony Reader software to vary the size of the fonts in my books. I've begun making the changes to all books and will post a message here when the work is complete and all resellers have the updated files available. It's going to take some time since I'm also working on writing new books. So it won't happen tomorrow, but it will happen.

February 26, 2015  - Recently, two readers have written to inform me that they could not adjust the size of the font on their Nook device after downloading my books from B&N. Devices, Smartphones, and Tablets vary so much in size these days, that adjustable font size is more important than ever. While investigating the reason for the inability to alter the font size with the ePub files, I discovered that my standard default of 12 point for fonts may be the problem. With both the 'Nook For PC' software, and the Sony Reader software, I was unable to adjust the font size with the original story file. When I experimented with altering the font default to 'medium', I was able to adjust the font size in both the 'Nook For PC' reader and the Sony Reader. In some software systems, such as the freeware Calibre Reader, changing the font size in the original file was normal, which is probably why I was unaware of the problem.

In the coming weeks I shall endeavor to replace the existing files on B&N, Apple, and Kobo with revised files that incorporate the change from '12 pt.' to 'medium'. Readers who have previously purchased the books should be able to download the revised files at no charge from the respective resellers. When all files have been updated, I shall post a notice on this news page. I would like to hear from anyone who still has a problem after downloading the replacement files. I want to make the reading experience as enjoyable as possible and will do everything I can to resolve this problem in all devices.

If you have computer skills and would like to make the changes yourself, here is the fix:

In the freeware program Sigil, open the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) routine 'deprima_styles.css' This establishes basic formatting for the entire file.


        body { font-family: 'Times New Roman', serif; font-size:12pt }


        body { font-family: 'Times New Roman', serif; font-size: medium }

As I've said, this simple change is all it takes to eliminate the problem in the software of many devices. It remains to be seen if the problem persists in other equipment.

January 23, 2015  - For the past month, spammers have made serious efforts to fill the website forum up with their spam advertising posts. As a result, I've had to ban innumerous posters. At first I deleted just the account of the spammers. But when that failed to slow them, I began banning IPv4 addresses. An IPv4 address is the actual physical location from where the post was made, or at least a proxy address that the spammer was using. And when that failed to dampen their efforts, I began banning ranges of IPv4 addresses. In some cases I banned dozens, while in others I banned a range that included many tens of thousands. In a few cases I banned millions of addresses in a single range. This is not my first battle with persistent spammers and my training as an IT Network Engineer has prepared me to deal these folks. Occasionally, the servers being used as proxy devices are simply inadequately protected by software to prevent unauthorized use of the equipment, and the server owners may be unaware that their equipment is being used in this way. So when I block all traffic from a server, I may be inadvertently preventing posts from legitimate users. If you are NOT a spammer, and you have been unable to access the forum because your host's server has been blocked, please send me an email using the address on the Contact page and I will make every effort to restore your posting ability.

November 10, 2014  - Thanks to everyone who has purchased my latest book in the AGU: Border Patrol series. Sales of Clidepp Requital have been as brisk as expected.

Since there isn't an eBook version available on Amazon, people angry over not being able to purchase a Kindle version there have posted one-star reviews on the print version page as evidence of their bitterness. But fans who have purchased the book, both eBook and print, have left honest reviews. The laudatory four and five-star reviews by readers who have enjoyed the book have helped offset the bitter reviews from the severely disgruntled, and as a result, the overall rating for this book, originally two stars, has now risen to three-stars.

I know there was some original concern by readers about purchasing a kindle-formatted book from any source other than Amazon, but as far as I know, everyone who purchased the mobi version on this website has been able to enjoy the book on their Kindle. There were a few small problems encountered by fans who own 'Other Than Kindle' devices, but I've worked with each and tried to help in providing solutions to their problems. With this latest book release, I've made PDF versions for all of my books, so the three most common eBook formats (Mobi for Kindle, ePub, and PDF) are now available.

Originally, I had stated on this website that Clidepp Requital would be available on January 1st, 2015. When Amazon dropped the KU bombshell with its exclusivity requirement, I amended that to January 1st, 2016 because I resist doing business with any retailer who requires an exclusive arrangement at any level, and in exchange for any privilege. Since the KU 'borrows' program have so destroyed my sales on Amazon, it is no longer a valued distribution channel for me. If Amazon continues to require exclusive commitments by authors and publishers, I will most likely not be offering any new eBooks there in the future.

September 29, 2014  - The long awaited second book in the AGU: Border Patrol series, Clidepp Requital, is now available. It's on pre-order status with KOBO and Apple, with delivery on Oct. 1,2014. I can't control product availability dating with B&N, and it used to take several days for them to vet a book, so I uploaded it to their site late last night. To my surprise, it's available and has already sold a few copies. I don't know what time it became available, so I don't know how long it took them to vet the book, but the time would have to be measured in hours. The same would have to be true with Apple and Kobo. Apple used to take at least several days to vet a new book, but I uploaded it on Saturday and it was available on Sunday. Kobo is always super fast, so I wasn't surprised to see it available there as well. I can only assume that with Amazon requiring eBook exclusivity to participate in their new programs, a LOT of Indie authors pulled their books from those other sites, as required, and new authors aren't publishing there. I will NEVER be exclusive to any reseller. Although Clidepp Requital won't be available in eBook format on Amazon until January 2016, the print book will available there within a week. Oh, I almost forget to mention that Clidepp Requital is available on this website now, in either ePub or Kindle format. I hope you enjoy it!

June 1, 2014  - My newest book, a thriller titled A World Without Secrets, has been released to all the major reseller sites. I know it's a departure from my usual Space Opera offerings, but I want to spread my wings a bit. The sequel, Vengeance Is Personal, will be released in 2015.

May 11, 2014  - No one in the S to T range on the mailing list has complained about not receiving the email announcement so I assume the software did its job and resent the failed messages. I contacted one individual directly to ask and he confirmed that he received the email so I'm assuming everyone did. The printer completed the book setup and the hard copy is presently available on Amazon. ePub copies can be pre-ordered on Apple and Kobo, and the eBooks will be available everywhere on June 1st. I hope you enjoy it.

April 30, 2014  - I've sent out the new announcement I referenced here on April 23rd, and almost immediately began receiving responses from automated spam-blockers that would not allow the mail to go through unless I manually responded to each one. I did that this time, but I won't do it in the future because I just don't have time. Please make sure you tell your spam-blocking software that all mail from thomas@deprima.com should be allowed through if you want the free announcements. Any mail returned in the future for any reason will automatically have the subscription email address removed from the system.

On another note, it appears that a problem MAY have occurred when sending emails where the recipient address began with either an 'S' or a 'T'. I say may because the failure was logged, but the system is supposed to make three attempts to resend the email. If you did NOT receive the announcement, and you believe that you should have because you received announcements previously, please let me know. If ANYONE, whose email address falls in that affected range, tells me they did not receive the announcement, I'll resend the announcement for everyone in that range. Thanx.

April 23, 2014  - I've prepared a newsletter for May and it will be sent very soon. Everyone who has signed up will receive the free announcement, unless there is or has been a problem with the email address you left when you subscribed. If you've received a newsletter previously, you should be okay unless you've moved or the previous email was returned as undeliverable. I NEVER send emails unless the individual subscribes, but should you receive one in error, simply visit my site and unsubscribe.

January 10, 2014  - A reader has reported finding an error in my new book, The Star Brotherhood, and I've confirmed that he was right. I immediately made a correction to the Jan. 6th version and uploaded it to Amazon. The old version had 14.a.6 on the copyright page, while the new version has 14.a.10. Early purchasers can easily tell if they've gotten the old version or the corrected one. If you didn't spot the error, it probably doesn't make a difference, but you can download the corrected version through the 'Manage your Kindle' account function.

January 10, 2014  - The Star Brotherhood is now available from all Apple iTunes stores and all Kobo stores (and their associate stores). All preordered ebooks from Apple and Kobo should have shipped earlier today. The new book has been uploaded to B&N and Amazon and should be available at those eTailers soon. The Amazon ASIN is: B00HSERYT6

December 31, 2013  - The Apple iTunes store has now completed the vetting process they perform on new books and listed The Star Brotherhood among my books available in Apple's fifty-one stores around the world. The book is on pre-order until January 10th, so book orders will be filled on that date. At this time, only Apple and Kobo, among the large eTailers, permit small publishers to preload a book with an established future release date. B&N allows an author to enter a future publication date, and I was dismayed last year when they made my book available immediately. I contacted them recently and they informed me that regardless of the date entered as the publishing date, books uploaded from small publishers are made available as soon as their vetting process is complete. Amazon only allows large publishers, and some high-volume small publishers, to make books available at a guaranteed date beyond the current date. Since it's impossible to predict how long it's going to take B&N and Amazon to vet the newly uploaded book, I can't tell you when it will be available at those eTailers. I can only say that I will be uploading the books to them on January 10th.

December 22, 2013  - My latest book, The Star Brotherhood, is complete. The ebook version is currently available on Kobo as a pre-order, and will appear on the other major ebook vendor websites around January 10th. The print version is currently available on Amazon.

December 7, 2013  - I've completed the first round of editing on the new book, The Star Brotherhood, and a publishing date of January 10th, 2014 looks solid at this time. As soon as I can confirm that I'll send out a mailing. I doubt that the book will be available sooner, but it may be available for pre-order from Apple and Kobo before that date. It will also be available from B&N, but I don't know if they'll offer it as a pre-order item. It naturally won't be available from Amazon, but mobi versions will be available through this site for people who own kindles.

December 7, 2013  - The new forum seems to be running fine now. Spammers moved in as soon as I set up the software, and it took me a week to become familiar enough with the software controls to clear out their garbage and make their daily efforts to fill the site with garbage more work than it was worth. At present every post requires authentication procedures, even after the poster is logged on. This stops spammers who use computers to upload their unwanted spam. In time, when the spammers stop dropping by, I may be able to reduce the posting efforts.

June 27, 2013  - My latest book, Retreat And Adapt, is now in the hands of the major ebook sellers. I tried to coordinate a worldwide release date of July 1st, but have been only partially successful. Kobo and Apple are offering the book as a pre-order, with shipment on July 1st, but Barnes And Noble released it immediately despite my stating that the publication date is July 1. I've uploaded the book to Amazon, but I haven't released it for sale yet since Amazon makes no effort to work with a small publisher on release dates. I will release it at Amazon on June 30th and it should be available on July 1st. I hope everyone enjoys it.

June 13, 2013  - Retreat And Adapt, book 9 of the A Galaxy Unknown series, has now passed all editing phases and is in the hands of the proofreaders. I feel confident enough that corrections will be minor that I'm firmly declaring the book will be released on July 1, 2013. Small publishers aren't afforded the considerations extended to big publishers, so I must upload the book a few days earlier to ensure it's available at all eTailers on the 1st. Sometimes they surprise me and prepare new novels quicker than expected, so it might even be available on June 29th or 30th. I haven't yet received the cover artwork I commissioned in mid-March, so I've prepared a temporary cover in case I never get it. The absence of a professionally painted cover will not delay the release of Retreat and Adapt. If you want to see the cover I whipped together yesterday, go to the NOVELS page and scroll down.

While I'm waiting for the proofed manuscript, I've begun work on the second book in the Border Patrol spin-off series. I don't have a title yet, but I've got a basic plot outlined and I'm working away on it. 

June 1, 2013  - An update for fans anxiously awaiting AGU Book 9 - Retreat And Adapt. The book is currently being edited and will be done in time for the June 30th release date. It appears that the only possible reason for delay might be the cover artwork. As most fans of this series know, cover artwork has always been my Achilles heel in meeting production schedules. I'll continue to report the status here and will be sending out an announcement newsletter when I have a firm date for publication.

May 18, 2013 - Graphic Artist Wanted - Most of my book covers have been produced by one, very talented artist. But he has been having personal difficulties lately and I regret that I must find someone new for my cover art. Some artists are better at drawing people and animals, while others excel at space ships, and still others are wonderful at creating aliens or moonscapes. It would be great to have several independent artists I could contact when I need their particular artistic forte. My requirements are simple. I need someone capable of producing professional quality images, and the copyright for the artwork will pass to me when the artwork commission is paid in full. This is to ensure that the artwork never shows up in a photo stockhouse and then winds up as the cover on a dozen novels by other authors, or as an image to sell another product. The artist will be licensed to use the image on his/her website for promotional purposes, and may sell prints for non-commercial use. The artist doesn't need to have an extensive portfolio. I'm interested in their ability, not their history. If you are an artist, or know of one who is available, please send me an email at my business contact address. If you want to know the level of artistic ability I'm seeking, please look at any of my book covers.

Apr. 12, 2013  - From my email I know that some Jenetta fans are becoming anxious about the next book. I want to allay any fears by saying that Book 9 in the AGU series is progressing and will be published when it is ready to be published. For several months now I've been hoping that it will be available by the end of June, and although it is not set in stone, that is still my target. Since it is a WIP (work in progress) I can't give a definitive date. My artist is working on the painting for the cover, and I'm still working on the manuscript every day. As soon as I've finished writing the book, and performed the rewrites and edits, I'll send if off to my copyeditor. At that time I can provide a better approximation of the publication date. I appreciate your patience.

Nov. 8, 2012 - A few days ago I was alerted to a problem with book 3 in the AGU series. It seems that when I uploaded a revised version to Amazon in late August, a code error in the conversion program caused all of the text from Chapter 23 on to appear as italicized. I only became aware of the problem when a reader wrote to inform me. I immediately investigated, found the problem, and corrected it. The same fan also pointed out that an identical problem existed in book 4. Corrected versions for both books have been uploaded to Amazon and can be downloaded at no charge. If you're unfamiliar with the process, I've provided a step-by-step guide here.

I know that problems such as this are highly distracting when reading and I apologize to anyone who may have experienced either or both of these problems. If anyone who encounters such a problem in the future will send me an email, I can immediately correct any deficiencies and improve the reading experience for all. Thank you.

Oct. 2, 2012 - This past spring, when I set the schedule for release of my next two books, I was a bit too optimistic. I hoped to have Citizen X available in July, and Book 9 of the AGU series available in December, but delays with Citizen X pushed back the entire schedule. I'm working on Book 9, and intend to publish it as soon as I can, but I know now that it won't be available in December. I've changed the expected release date simply to 2013, and I can't be any more specific than that at this time. Some Jenetta fans will be disappointed, but I've made up my mind to never again target a specific date or even month until I know for sure that I can deliver on that date. 

Aug. 31, 2012 - My artist has delivered the artwork and I've assembled the new cover. I've uploaded the new file to Amazon and it will hopefully replace the temporary one some time today.

Aug. 30, 2012 - Amazon surprised me and had the new book up and available in just two hours. By now a number of people have purchased it and at least one has read it and left a review. The book will be available Saturday (the official publication date) on both Kobo and OffTheBookshelf.com.

Aug. 29, 2012 (Wednesday) - Since Friday is part of the weekend in India, I had to begin the process of publishing my new book on Amazon today to ensure that it will be available on Saturday in the US. The artwork that I commissioned in June, for delivery no later than July 31st, is still not ready. All I've gotten is excuses and one sketch. So I was forced to whip together a cover for the book so as not to disappoint fans waiting for the story. I apologize that it doesn't look more professional, but I'm not an artist. I know that most fans won't care, but it annoys me to distribute something that is less than the best I can offer.

Aug. 25, 2012 - My latest book, Citizen X, will be available for purchase on Amazon September 1st. It will also be available in ePub format at OffTheBookshelf.com. I can't give a precise date for availability on Kobo, but it will be available as quickly as their system allows.

Aug. 11, 2012 - While I was waiting for the first edit copy of Citizen X to be returned to me, I uploaded the first three books of the AGU series to Kobo. As I find time for the conversion work, I will be uploading all of my books there.

Aug. 10, 2012 - I completed the re-write work on Citizen X a week ago and sent it off to my copyeditor. I'm still hoping for a Sept. 1st publish date. In the meantime, my artist has sent me a work sketch of the cover image he's painting. If you'd like to see it, it's available here.

July 30, 2012 - I previously announced that I hoped to publish Citizen X in July, but I'm still working on the book. The climatic battle scene I had imagined didn't have the excitement that I was hoping for, so I'm currently rewriting the ending of the book. I know that some fans will be disappointed, but they would be more disappointed if the book was less than expected. The new target date is September 1st.

May 1, 2012 - Books 2 and 3 of the AGU series, Valor at Vauzlee and The Clones of Mawcett, are now available in print form on Amazon. Like the first book, their size is 6x9 Trade Paperback.

February 28, 2012 - OffTheBookshelf.com has been able to resolve their problems with uploads. Today I uploaded Book 7, Against All Odds, and Book 8, Return to Dakistee to my page there. Both ePubs have been checked thoroughly and passed all the industry tests for ePub files, so let me know if you encounter any problems.

February 8, 2012 - I've tried to upload an ePub version of Return to Dakistee to OffTheBookshelf.com but the site is having problems and not allowing authors to upload ePub files. I've notified the webmaster twice, and been told that 'they are looking into the problem.' It's been almost two months now so I've begun looking for another eBook seller where I can make ePub formats of my books available. I'll post a notice here as soon as I find a site and manage to get the files uploaded. Thanks for your patience.

December 2011 - Return to Dakistee, Book 8 of the AGU series, was published to Amazon on December 14th, slightly ahead of schedule.

December 2011 - Book 8, Return to Dakistee, is currently in the copyediting phase of the work and will be available on Amazon by December 20th, 2011.

October 2011 - Version 2 of A GALAXY UNKNOWN is now available in printed form through Amazon for the discounted price of $13.63. The earlier version, printed by another company sold for $23.95. The new book, a 6 x 9 Trade Paperback, is of the same high quality and is printed from the newly edited manuscript.

October 2011 - The success of my AGU series has provided me with the funds necessary to hire a professional copyediting service. All of the AGU books will be re-edited as time becomes available. Book One has been completed and the edited version is now available for the Amazon kindle. Contact Amazon service and ask them to push the revised version to your archive. There's no charge to update your version.

June, 2011 - Negotiations with Random House and their Del Rey/Spectra imprint for a proposed AGU spin-off series have collapsed over an issue with their contract offer, but I've decided to begin producing the series anyway. The new series will take place in the AGU story universe, but will mostly involve a new cast. The protagonist of the series is Sydnee Marcola, a recent graduate of NHSA and the WCI. The first book will be available by mid-year 2012. I'm hoping to release it by June, but don't hold me to that as I've only written the first few chapters as part of the proposal to Random House.

May, 2011 - In response to fan requests for more AGU books, I've decided to continue the series. The first seven books were written between 1999 and 2005. My failure to interest a publisher or agent in any of my work resulted in the books simply taking up space on my computer for a number of years. The next book, Return to Dakistee, will be available in the fall of this year. I can't give a precise date because I haven't yet begun to write it.

April 4, 2011 - Against All Odds, Book 7 of the AGU series was uploaded today.

February 6, 2011 - Castle Vroman has been available on Amazon since February 3rd, 2011. Today I uploaded the ePub version to OffTheBookshelf.com.

February 1, 2011 - Release of Castle Vroman, intended for today, has been delayed slightly. I want the book to be as error free as I can make it to enhance the reading experience, and I felt that a few last minute corrections identified by beta readers and an editor warranted postponing publication for a few days. I expect it to be available on Amazon and OffTheBookshelf.com by this weekend. I apologize for the delay. Mailing list members will receive an email announcement as soon as the book is available.

December 15, 2010 - Milor! is now available on Amazon and OffTheBookshelf.com

October 30, 2010 - 'Trader Vyx' has been published on Amazon.com in Kindle format for the numerous devices that Amazon supports, and on OffTheBookshelf.com in ePub format that can be used on most others.

October 18, 2010 - I've registered with OffTheBookshelf.com to distribute my books in ePub format. All previously available books will be uploaded to the site immediately, and all new releases will be uploaded and available on the release date established for Amazon. For viewing software I recommend the 'Sony Reader Library', available at no charge from Sony. The Nook for PC software exhibited erratic problems when I tested it.

September 22, 2010 - I have removed all of my eBooks from Smashwords.com after a dispute with company management over the issue of their making my eBooks available for sale through B&N. Their position is that they had the right to license B&N as a reseller simply because I never EXPLICITLY denied them that right. My position is that I was only licensing Smashwords to sell my books directly, or through their affiliate network, and that I never gave them permission to sell through major retailers. Now they can neither sell my eBooks nor license anyone to sell my eBooks because I revoke their power to act as a distributor of my novels.

September 15, 2010 - 'The Clones of Mawcett' is published on Amazon.com in Kindle form, and on Smashwords.com in multiple EBook formats.

August 28, 2010 - 'Valor at Vauzlee' is made available in multiple eBook formats on Smashwords.com.

August 6, 2010 - 'Valor at Vauzlee' is published on Amazon.com in Kindle form.

July 31, 2010 - 'A Galaxy Unknown' is made available in multiple eBook formats on Smashwords.com.

June 4, 2010 - 'A Galaxy Unknown' is now available on Amazon.com in Kindle form.

June 4, 2010 - 'A Galaxy Unknown' is released for world-wide distribution in 6x9 paperback format. It's available for purchase at: