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The Invasion Begins theories (spoilers)
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One of the best parts of waiting for the next book in a series for me is coming up with predictions and theories about what is to come, and see if I'm close to correct on any of them when the next book gets released.  I just have to hope that on the off chance that a get something right, the author doesn't change it out of spite.  This will be another very, very long post.

SC ships have orders to fly through every asteroid in GA space to look for hidden asteroid bases.  I expect the task will take quite a long time, especially since it probably doesn't have top priority when the GA is being invaded, but last we heard, one base in Region 3 had already been discovered and there might have been more found by the end of "Changing of the Guard".  It wasn't mentioned later in the book, but it had been nearly 2 years since Jenetta gave the order.  I don't really expect SC to move in on the bases they know about until they check all the asteroids, though I might be wrong.  Capturing just one Raider base with the computer files intact might be all they need to find out where all the bases are, and I believe I know how they can capture a base like that.  Attach all the Marines they need in Dakinium armour on the outside of a DS ship and stop the ship in a double envelop in the middle of all the critical places on the Raider base.  Scan the rooms to make sure the Marines don't materialize inside a console or another person or floor or wall and then have the Marines jump off and seize all the critical areas.  Have a small fleet materialize inside the asteroid at the same time to prevent any foolishness and wrap things up and you got a fully intact asteroid base with the computer files intact and possibly the locations of other bases still in the computer.  I just love the image of SC Marines materializing in the middle of the Raider base with absolutely no warning and the panicked Raiders' faces.  It just tickles my heart thinking about it.  The only problem could be that the Marines wouldn't be materializing in a total vacuum.  Would the Marines displace the air or would the air stay inside the Marines body as they materialized?  That could have adverse effects of one's health, methinks.  However, the bombs dropped by SC inside ships weren't effected and neither was the SCI cyborg, Lucky, when it was dropped off inside a Denubbela ship as a spy.  The bombs aren't a good example but Lucky did have a living brain and it didn't seem to be a problem.  I would assume that means it would be safe, though really, I don't think it should be.  And if it's safe for cyborgs, but not safe for humans, the obvious solution is to send in reprogramed cyborgs.

Next up, the captured DS motherships.  The reason they were abandoned is easy enough to understand.  They were just huge targets that took hundreds of ships with them when they were destroyed, so they probably abandoned them with the hope that they won't be found but with the knowledge that they very well might be.  So why were they left completely empty and not even trapped to prevent the enemy from capturing them?  Well, the more I think of it, the more I believe it might be a trap.  Hopefully Christa can send out the warning in time about the backdoor into the mothership that the Jump Gates can provide and they can lock down the room or temporarily disable the Jump Gates and also search the ship to make sure there aren't more Gates.  I can't help think that the Denubbewa planned that if their ships were captured, they would use the Jump Gates to recapture their ships and capture all SC personal in the mothership for interrogation and also possibly get their hands on SC ships that are inside their mothership, maybe by having programmed a failsafe that they can activate that fires missiles from concealed missile launchers on all ships inside the mothership or something.  That isn't a very pleasant outcome, and if that's the plan, I sure hope SC can thwart it before it gets out of hand.  I've been trying to think about this from a Denubbewa point of view, so I'm just outlaying a possible plan; not what I actually think will happen.

I've also been thinking about what the Denubbewa's next step will be for this war from their point of view.  They can't just keep sending ships (targets) and watching SC blow them up.  They need a plan.  So, one possible plan might be that when they bring in another fleet, they divide all their ships into task forces of no more than a few ships each and send them out to attack anything and everything.  Ships, bases, planets, everything!  The huge amount of missiles each ship can fire will make it a match for nearly anything except a DS SC warship that can safely attack them and wipe them out.  But everything else is vulnerable, and SC's DS ships can't be everywhere to stop thousands of individual Denubbewa task forces before they can do a lot of damage.  Still, this is a losing tactic.  Eventually all the Denubbewa ships will be tracked down and destroyed and if there are DS ships protecting SC bases, those bases will be pretty safe unless SC is surprised and has no warning or is facing a huge number that would take a while for the few protection ships to destroy.  In order to make this tactic successful, as far as actually winning the war is concerned, the Denubbewa will have to find a way to capture a SC DS ship during the operation and figure out how the double envelop works.  They might try and use their DS ships to try to get close enough to a SC base to take out the SC DS protection ships and then using a Jump Gate to send their prize to a secure location, because they would know that the task force they used to attack is doomed the moment more SC DS ships show up. 

I am actually starting to believe the Denubbela are aware that how SC is attacking and destroying their ships.  They captured SC officers/marines who might have known about it from the Ares in book 10.  I had previously assumed those people were killed in the follow up attack by SC, but I now think it would have been stupid of the Denubbela to not immediately send them though the Jump Gate back to Denubbela territory to be "interviewed".  And the might have also taken the WOLaR bomb that was placed aboard the nearly complete mothership through the Jump Gate before the ship was destroyed.  I always thought that they must've worked awfully quickly to figure out how to disarm it.  Maybe it wasn't disarmed, but instead was --- "out of range".

I have been assuming that the title, "The Invasion Begins", is referring to the Denubbewa invading the GA in a full on assault.  Technically, it might be said the invasion began in book 9 already, but so far, the Denubbewa have only really been preparing for the real invasion.  Still, it is possible that the title refers to the GA invading the Denubbewa.  I think it's unlikely at this early point but I felt I would mention it in case this is what the title is referring to and that Thomas is laughing at my faulty assumptions above.

Now, away from talking about war and lets start talking alliances.  I would absolutely love to see the GA develop a close alliance with a powerful neighbour instead of having those neighbours attack the GA and being defeated and annexed, or neighbours like the ones bordering Region 1 which are either unstable or they don't want anything to do with anyone.  The Ruwalchu are my number one candidate for such an alliance.  I would love to see the GA finally develop a peaceful relationship with another powerful nation that doesn't first begin with a war.  They do really have a working relationship with the Hudeera but they are a small nation and it's not really the close alliance I'm looking for.

I have developed, especially in some of the recent books, a very strong distaste for the GAC and Earth's political climate as portrayed in the books.  On the other hand, I really like how Space Command handles things.  To me, the "politicians" have almost become another enemy or at least, someone I won't want to trust with any SC secrets even though the GAC already has many of those secrets.  Unfortunately, I can't really think of a workable solution to this, aside from a military takeover, which isn't an acceptable solution, and would definitely be worse in the long term, I think.   Political corruption is part of every governmental system, it seems.

As the GA expands and becomes more powerful, it might very well be possible that smaller empires might actually seek entry into the GA as an empire instead of as member planet so that they can grow with the GA and have access to GA resources and be better off for it.  Nordakia might actually be considered an empire in the GA since the people of Obotymot give their allegiance to the King and Queen of Nordakia and it's basically a Nordakian colony.  So, using that as a model, a policy for welcoming member empires might actually already exist.

Ok, I apologize for this insanely long post.  I was rereading the entire AGU series for the first time since AGU #11 came out so I came up with a lot of new thoughts.  I probably forgot some since I didn't write it down right away. 
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