Author Topic: Amazon is hiding the print version of Clidepp Deja Vu, but it's available there.  (Read 790 times)


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I've uploaded the print version of Clidepp Deja Vu to Amazon's book printing company CreateSpace and the book is available on Amazon.

However, Amazon is not associating the book with my other books available for sale on Amazon. When you go to the page where most of the books I offer through Amazon are listed, you will not see Clidepp Deja Vu. You will have to search the 'Book' category with either the book's title or my name. Amazon does have a web procedure where authors can independently associate a book with others they've written so they all appear together when a customer searches for an author's books. It's called Author Central, and once you sign in you can associate any books you've written with your main author name. The entry point for that web process accepts my ID and password, but then immediately resets the page without giving me access to the process. I entered my ID and password half a dozen times and was consistently locked out of the process. If I purposely enter an invalid ID or invalid password, the screen projects a glaring message that the ID or password is incorrect, so this is not a simple error.

I guess Amazon is upset because I will not publish eBooks on their site as long as they are requiring exclusivity from Independent authors and is purposely blocking me from the process. It's their website and business and if they wish to harm their own sales of the print version by hiding access to the book from my fanbase, they have the right to do so. The print version is available from Barnes & Noble and is prominently displayed with all of my other print books and eBooks on their website. Also, the print book is available from on-line and brick-and-mortar bookstores around the world so I won't miss the handful of sales that will be made by fans who accidentally stumble across the book hidden on Amazon. Amazon is only hurting their own sales.
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If not, I would not know such a good story.


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This information is very helpful to me.