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Border Patrol 3 spoilers
« on: December 03, 2016, 10:53:16 PM »
I just finished reading it.  Awesome book but i find it a bit funny that it went full circle.  At the end of book 2, she was told she would return the "package" and now we are back to it again.  Will book 4 be called Clidepp deja vu deja vu?  ;D.

Ok, i had a gut feeling at the beginning that someone very close to a member of the Triumvirate was Citizen X.  After Sydnee read Winston report, i knew it was someone close to the Prime Minister.  And when the Prime Minister mentioned that he had given his youngest son the use of his yacht to go out and find Citizen X, I immediately knew who Citizen X was.  And i couldn't help laughing at Winston when Sydnee was playing head games with him.  Especially the Admiral slip.  And of course, everyone's reaction when Sydnee told them she had Citizen X.  That was just epic.  I really enjoyed the book.  Thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Deprima!


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Re: Border Patrol 3 spoilers
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Will book 4 be called Clidepp deja vu deja vu?  ;D.

How about 'Once more unto the breach, dear friends'?  No, wait, I can't use that. Some guy named Willie Shakespeare already made that famous.   ;D

How about 'There and Back Again'? Nope, can't use that. Tolkien used it.

Well, I'll just have to sleep on it.  ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I had a lot of fun writing it. And I wanted to make the ending memorable.   8)

This concludes the trilogy I had pitched to Random House. Of course the very ending is slightly different because I fully intend to continue the series where the big traditional publishing houses like trilogies with a definitive ending in the third book. Usually, the protagonist is killed off. Random House also wanted me to end the AGU series after Book 7 as part of the contract terms they offered. So I guess no one will ever see my name on the New York Times Best Seller list. But that's okay. I'll write the books I want to write without restrictions from a publishing house. I love what I do and I'm having fun. I'm making a modest living and have more than half a million books in circulation, so I'm going to continue the way I've been going. Salud.

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