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General Information / Re: Cranial transducer / not quite yet, but maybe soon
« Last post by Destinie on August 14, 2018, 03:58:17 AM »
This content is worth reading for those who hope in this fully without worrying about others anymore.
Oh my gosh!!! $99.99 sounds so much cheaper!  I'd buy it for sure!   ;D :D
I would never set the price at $100.00. I'd set it to $99.99, just like any other good capitalist entrepreneur would.   :D
The way I see it, you have the right to set your proce at $100 and we have the right not to buy your books for $100.  Capitalism at its best.  ;)
A reader recently complained because I've increased the price of my NEW ebooks to $7.99 US. Prior to 2010, I was selling my ebooks for as much as $13.99 with print books being $23.99 US, but the increased sales as a result of the ebook 'revolution' inspired me to drop the price because sales volumes increased so dramatically. As sales grew because so many new readers were entering the market, I slowly lowered my prices.  In 2010 I had settled on $5.99 US as a fair price for a full length novel that I had spent as much as a year writing, with the print versions priced at $19.99. I later lowered the price on my earliest space opera ebook (A Galaxy Unknown) to $3.99 US to allow new readers to sample my work at a reduced price. I have never given my work away for free as so many new authors do in the mistaken belief that it's the ONLY way acquire new readers. If an author producers a good book, readers will find you and most will pay a fair price.

I have no intention of increasing the prices on the books I've already published during the past eight years, but all books newly published in the future will be priced at $7.99 or higher. I hope that I will be able to hold the price for new books at $7.99 US for the next eight years, but I have no control over the economy. I only know that my taxes and cost of living increases every single year despite the government's claim that there is little to no inflation. As a full time writer, I must make a living from the sale of my books. The alternative is to simply stop writing and do something else. So please don't complain because future books are slightly higher than previous works. I understand if you feel my books aren't worth a $2.00 US increase, but please don't send me nasty notes complaining about the higher cost. The price will NOT be lowered to the 2010 level. If you feel my books are overpriced, there are many writers out there giving their work away for free as they try to build an audience.
News and Discussion about new books or old books / Re: Message to lwayne.
« Last post by Thomas on July 24, 2018, 10:39:24 AM »
      Your book purchases are being blocked and returned by your email provider. Please resolve that issue before purchasing any more books. When I get a chance, I'll send a snailmail message to you since I'm unable to contact you via email.
All Space Command warships are now sheathed in Dakinium, and the Denubbewa are also sheathing their ships, so in an external attack, an EMP device would be harmless. Since the Space Command vessels can go out of phase and plant a bomb inside the Denubbewa ship, it would probably have some effect there, although simple Faraday protection would negate the effectiveness. The charge would then be diverted to the Dakinium and stored as energy, helping the Denubbewa.   ;D
I'm curious about something.  Would an EMP bomb be a viable weapon in the AGU universe, or are electronics, as a rule, shielded from such attacks.  I figure the if it is a viable weapon that can work once past the armor of a warship - and they already have a great delivery system for it - it could be used to disable Denubbewa warships and maybe even the cyborgs.  Now I know a WoLAR bomb can make quicker work of a warship, but it would be so much more efficient if they could capture and use some more Denubbewa warships.  The electronics would probably have to be replaced though, but doing that would probably be recommended anyway.  Using the enemy's electronics is asking for trouble I think.

I kind of suspect that the electronics are shielded though.  A nuclear bomb gives off an electromagnetic pulse and I'm pretty sure when a ship was struck with a nuclear torpedo and survived in the AGU books, it said nothing about the electronics getting knocked out.  This is nearly 300 years in the future after all.
News and Discussion about new books or old books / Message to lwayne.
« Last post by Thomas on July 23, 2018, 09:10:45 PM »
Your email account is blocked. Your email provider says that your account is overquota. Please send me an alternate email address so we can discuss your issue.
News and Discussion about new books or old books / Re: The Invasion Begins
« Last post by Thomas on July 08, 2018, 10:23:28 AM »
Okay, thanx for clarifying that.

I checked the ePub source code (I write in Word, then manually covert to ePub, then use Calibre to automatically convert to Mobi) and discovered this:  <ins cite="mailto:Dell" datetime="2018-06-10T11:36"> </ins>     in the ePub code. I certainly didn't put it there. A search of the entire book turned up a total of FOUR occurances of that same 'ins' instruction. The ONLY way I can imagine it getting into the code is when I used ePub validator software to verify the code met all ePub 3.O requirements . I'm not making any accusations. I really don't know where it came from. But it's gone now.

Since releasing the book on my website, I've been informed of about five other minor errors (such as missing letters that change the word but are accepted by the spell check). As I learned of them, I updated the book, and have twice uploaded new Mobi and ePub copies to my media distributor so many readers never saw the errors. Towards the end of this new week, I'll be uploading corrected copies in all three formats: Mobi, ePub, and PDF. At that time, an announcement will be sent out to all who purchased the book through my website that they can download the corrected version at no charge. I'll also be uploading corrected copies to Apple, Kobo, and B&N, but I don't know how they handle replacement copies. I imagine they'll send a replacement copy to any customer who requests one, but I don't know for sure.

So if anyone has spotted any errors, please report them now. The readers who have yet to buy the book will appreciate it, and so do I. I strive to make my books as error free as possible. I dislike it when an error pulls my mind out of a story. It ruins the mood.   :(

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