Spam and viruses have plagued the internet community for years, and the problem continues to grow, despite the availability of new software designed to stem the tide. Since the people that maintain the net seem unable or unwilling to do anything to stop it, each user must adopt his own methods. While my systems prevent most automated systems from finding my addresses and sending me their unwanted trash, they're not foolproof. Perhaps a spammer will access someone's email account and collect my address from the "sent mail" box. For that reason, these addresses could change from time to time. That's why I never publish an email address inside my books.


Business e-mail should be sent to: tradequery áŧ     (NEW ADDRESS 2017-04-18)

Personal e-mails should be sent to: scribbling áŧ     (NEW ADDRESS 2014-08-07)


Please note: Before attempting to send the email, replace the  áŧ and center spaces  with a proper @ sign. If you fail to do this, the email will be immediately returned to you by your Internet Provider as undeliverable.