Jenetta Carver® has been promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned as the second officer aboard the battleship Prometheus. The ship is returning to Earth for its official launching ceremony, and a medal ceremony for Jenetta, who is looking forward to seeing her family for the first time in eleven years.

A captured Raider officer, seeking to make a deal for his freedom, has informed the Intelligence Section of Space Command of a planned attack on a convoy by a massive Raider armada. Never before has Space Command had an opportunity to confront the Raiders in force because an effective Raider spotter network generally allows the pirates to avoid SC warships.

The admiral responsible for this part of space has pulled out all the stops and assembled a task force of ten ships, the most that can be secretly diverted, to face off against the Raider ambushers. One of those ships happens to be the Prometheus, and Jenetta finds herself once again caught up in a life or death situation. The Prometheus arrives at the rendezvous point, a month from Higgins SC Base, to await the arrival of the other ships, and the call for help from the convoy.

Only two other ships have reached the RP when the convoy is attacked, and the three SC warships race off to face a Raider force that they expect will be comprised of some forty warships.

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Valor At Vauzlee

Copyright 1999
Sci-Fi Space Opera/Adventure
342 pages

  Language:   English
  ISBN (eBook):   978-1-61931-004-9
  ISBN (print):   978-1-61931-001-8
  ASIN:   B003YL4GT8
  eBook: $5.99   Print : $19.95

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