When Space Command learned the Denubbewa were responsible for the destruction of two Scout-Destroyers in G.A. space, new weapons & tactics were developed to take on the only enemy yet encountered who had weapons that could penetrate the Dakinium plating used to cover the hulls of all Space Command warships.

Since the Denubbewa had attacked without first making a declaration of war, the order was given to destroy every Denubbewa ship found in G.A. space without warning and without mercy.

The new weapons and tactics ensured that Space Command would be victorious, if only they could locate all of the Denubbewa ships before the enemy managed to establish a foothold in G.A. Space. When an enormous armada was discovered in Region Three, Space Command dispatched all available ships to engage the overwhelming force.

Despite the odds, the Space Command force was victorious, but they knew this was not the end of the war. Space Command Intelligence has learned that the Denubbewa military have hundreds of thousands of warships, staffed by trillions of mindless cyborg slaves ready to die on command for their masters. The arrival of the armada was merely a final test of a wormhole technology advancement, and the ships sent ahead would be waiting to join the full armada when it arrived.



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The Invasion Begins

Copyright 2017
Sci-Fi Space Opera/Adventure
334 pages

  Language:   English
  ISBN (eBook):   978-1-61931-034-6
  ISBN (print):   978-1-61931-035-3
  eBook: $7.99   Print : $19.95

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