Sydnee Marcola hasn't enjoyed the meteoric climb through the ranks that her idol, Admiral Jenetta Carver, has experienced, but nonetheless her career has been distinguished. Appointed to command a clandestine intelligence mission into the Clidepp Empire aboard what essentially amounts to a space tugboat, Sydnee and her team successfully kidnapped the government official believed to be responsible for the deliberate murder of thousands of children and adults attending a tradeshow being conducted aboard a space station orbiting Earth. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that the minister had been framed and was in no way responsible for the deadly attack. Since then, Sydnee and her command have been attempting to clandestinely return the minister to his home planet of Yolongus.

Once again the Justice will enter Clidepp space in an effort to surreptitiously return the minister to his home planet. Sydnee hopes this mission will mark an end to her covert missions outside of Galactic Alliance space.

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Lieutenant Marcola

Copyright 2018
Sci-Fi Space Opera/Adventure
331 pages

  Language:   English
  ISBN (eBook):   978-1-61931-036-0
  ISBN (print):   978-1-61931-037-7
  eBook: $7.99   Print : $19.95

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