You can download these images into your computer, then magnify or enlarge them to see planet and base names clearly.

A Galaxy Unknown - Earth sector  
No attempt has been made to show the thousands of stars, planets, and moons in this small part of Galactic Alliance space. The only purpose in presenting this two-dimensional image is to provide the reader with a feel for the spatial relationship between the bases, systems, and celestial events referenced in the first three books of the AGU series.

In order to better comprehend the expanse involved, the mean distance from Earth to Higgins Space Command Base has been computed as being 90.1538 light-years.
All image formats can be magnified substantially once you've downloaded them, but the pdf images yield far better results at extreme magnification.
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This two-dimensional image shows Galactic Alliance borders after the expansion that occurs in Book 4, Trader Vyx. I've found that using a 550% magnification factor with the pdf version allows me to read the planet and base names with utmost clarity, but your results may vary depending upon your computer's graphics card and monitor. You may have to do a little experimentation with the magnification percentage.



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This image shows the territorial assignments of various StratCom bases. The base commander is responsible for all actions within those borders. Stewart SCB is the only base located in the former Frontier Zone. That fact, along with its proximity to the new Zone, is responsible for its much larger area of coverage. The depth has been decreased as partial compensation, and that area is the responsibility of the base commander at Higgins SCB.

The area bounded by a black square is the immediate deca-sectors around Stewart SCB. An enlarged image of that area can be viewed immediately below this image.


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The deca-sectors around Stewart SCB. Most of the planets and bases referenced in Books 4 through 6 can be identified in this image.


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A map showing Region One and Region Two before the Milori invaded Galactic Alliance space.

The size of this map means that individual planet, moon, and base identifications are not easily readable when enlarged. I suggest you use the previous, smaller maps to identify locations


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A map showing Region One, Two, and Three after the war with the THUG pact has ended. The unclaimed space between the territories has been claimed by the Galactic Alliance.


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