Fans of my books have requested I make higher resolution images of the covers available so they can better see the detail, and a few want to print out copies to decorate their walls. I'm happy to oblige, with the full understanding that all books and their cover images are my copyrighted material. Fans may print a copy of a cover for their own private use or use it as a background image on their computer, but it may not be sold, transferred to any other product without specific, written permission, or used as part of any commercial endeavor. Only the original artist has the licensed right issued by me to commercially display, or sell copies of, the art work he or she has produced for me under commission, and that right is not transferrable to any other party.




A Galaxy Unknown
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 1)
Valor at Vauzlee
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 2)
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The Clones of Mawcett
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 3)
Trader Vyx
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 4)
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(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 5)
Castle Vroman
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 6)
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Against All Odds
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 7)
Return to Dakistee
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 8)
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Retreat and Adapt
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 9)
Azula Carver
(A Galaxy Unknown - Book 10)
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Citizen X
(AGU: Border Patrol - Book 1)
Clidepp Requital
(AGU: Border Patrol - Book 2)
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Clidepp Deja Vu
(AGU: Border Patrol - Book 3)

.jpg (1,110 kb) .pdf (3,420 kb)



The Star Brotherhood
(AGU: SC Intelligence - Book 1)
.jpg (1,095 kb) .pdf (1,035 kb)



A World Without Secrets
(Colton James - Book 1)
Vengeance Is Personal
(Colton James - Book 2)
.jpg (6,493 kb) .pdf (7,821 kb) .jpg (1,810 kb) .pdf (2,297 kb)



When the Sprit Moves You
(When the Spirit... - Book 1)
When the Spirit Calls
(When the Spirit... - Book 2)
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